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“Fun Facts about Office Filing Cabinet” – by The Office Furniture Singapore

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“Fun Facts about Office Filing Cabinet” – by The Office Furniture Singapore

The modern office desk and office filing cabinet first appeared in the 17th century. Previous to that time, there were a few pieces made for the purpose of writing, reading and storage of important office documents; mainly designed to hold the different writing instruments. We can identify some main differences between those office desks and the office filing cabinet as we know today.


How has Office Furniture and Office Filing Cabinet changed over the years


First of all, the only material that was used in the beginning for making office desks was the traditional wood, but nowadays, we are extravagant with the use of materials, manager desks and free-standing executive tables can be now made not only of wood, but also we are using glass, metal, plastic and even a special material known as artificial stone.


Secondly, the number of office drawers and filing cabinet increased considerably since each day we are starting to need more objects in our working desks. Monitors, CPUs, documents, between other objects have made us design new models that will adjust to our new necessities. At the same time, there’s has been many types of research about ergonomics that have impulsed the creation and building of new office furniture made to avoid symptoms of fatigue or discomfort during working hours.


If you think about the amount of time we spend sitting in front of our desks, these investigations are completely justified. Did you know that the usual worker spends an average of 1842 hours per year at his office? Imagine you had you to spend that much time in an uncomfortable workstation; it would be really bad, wouldn’t it? Fortunately, with the high-quality office furnishes of our company you won’t have to worry about that scenario. All of our office desks and filing cabinet lets you work comfortably and increasing the statistics of productivity and quality.


For more information on your Office Furniture requirements, please do not hesitate to contact The Office Furniture Singapore. We will be glad to assist in whatever ways possible to make your Office Furnishing project a success!



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